Dummy Picture Book

Melinda the Crow

Is kindness more valuable than shiny treasures? Find out from Melinda the crow.

A lonely and shiny treasure-collecting crow named Melinda seeks friendship. Melinda visits nearby backyard animals, but each of her forced attempts at friendship goes wrong. Before losing all hope, Melinda encounters an unexpected invitation for friendship. 

MELINDA THE CROW is a (670-word) picture book for ages 3 – 8 about the universal theme of friendship. The illustrations are mixed watercolor and digital. The scenes are inspired by spring in Upstate New York. The hopeful character-driven tale is based on a real story of kindness. My kind, open-minded, and accepting partner’s grandfather, Richard. Each morning, he spoke to a crow I nicknamed Melinda. He has passed, but I wish to carry on his kindness with children readers.